The Game of Skills

A Battle Of Wits

Are you having skills that you can brag about? Eager to monetize your skills? Preparing for highly competitive entrance tests? Looking to earn some quick bucks that can come handy? Then this is the perfect place for you, an arena for neural wrestling.


Please Note that the true purpose of this platform is to nurture, enrich, hone & channelize the core cerebral acumens of the participants. Even though the monetary stakes & rewards are primarily to introduce some entertainment value to this platform such financial stakes also create additional stress on the participants that prepare them to function in high stress real world challenges that they are likely to face in their educational as well as professional life.

The Brain Races

How to Play
  1. In this category, a number of objective questions on a particular subject, are presented to the participants with 4 choices of answers, out of which only one answer will be correct.
  2. Upon the correct selection of the answer the player will receive +3 points where as 2 points will be deducted in case of the wrong choice of answer.
  3. After the end of the match the answering session will end automatically and a final and comprehensive leaderboard will be presented to each participant.
  4. Prize Money/ Prize points will be automatically credited to player’s respective accounts.
Types of Matches

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Fixed Matches

No match available.

Open Matches

Brain Race Open 1
(Open Matches)

Date: 25-12-2021

Total Prize: INR 8/-

Total Spots: 2

Time: 04:12 PM

Entry Fee: INR 5/-

Match Duration: 00:01:00 mins

Spots Left: 2